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Staf Verbeeck

Engineer / Record Producer

Staf first started out as a musician and toured with Elisa Waut, Kloot Per W, The Candy Dates and Aiming Dishes. The Candy Dates' drummer Fernand Buyls, who was a fellow sound engineer, introduced him to the art of recording. Together they started Umbrella Studio in Ghent.
Staf recorded and mixed Deus' very first EP, Zea, and produced Metal Molly's debut album, Surgery For Zebra, with their hit single Orange.

From 1997 until 2010, he took over Jet Studio in Brussels.
Currently Staf is working as an independent engineer.

Bands he has worked with:
Amparanoia ft Calexico, Hooverphonic, Sioen, Neeka, Ozark Henry, Will.I.Am, The Scene, Gorki, Roland Van Campenhout, Absynthe Minded, Thé Lau, Arid, Johan Verminnen, Jasper Steverlinck, Adamo, Bart Peeters,...